Together, We Are an Ocean

Together, We Are an Ocean

Alone, we are one drop; together, an ocean. Of course, the ocean begins with a single drop. When Little Bit began in 2001, it was one, two and then a handful of determined souls working toward a vision – eventually becoming a swell of more than 250 volunteers energized by the impact of that vision across the region. Volunteer Manager Lucy England believes that while our volunteers are most certainly driven by the mission, the sense of community they find in sharing a purpose with others comes in a close second.

“We have become a family, forming relationships with each other and with school communities as we work together to support our kids – that’s a pretty strong bond,” says England, who was drawn into the clan 13 years ago. The beauty of the Little Bit family is in how much it is evolving, she says, attracting people from all walks of life and at every stage of life. “I had an 82-year-old gentleman respond to our recent Post-Dispatch article who is now helping out at our book fairs every Friday.”

The size and scope of need also enables people to find their own niche. “Being with the students was and is still my passion,” she says. “I can’t sugarcoat it – it’s tough to see and hear about their struggles – but they are incredibly open and warm, as children are, and I know we are making a meaningful difference.” England recalls a fifth grader who stopped her in the hallway to say thank-you and goodbye before moving on to middle school. “She reached in her backpack and pulled out her ‘book and buddy’ (our program which pairs a book with a stuffed animal) that we’d given her in preschool. She’d held on to them all those years – I will never forget that.”

England says that while she is most at home in the schools, she understands it’s not for everyone. “Our warehouse volunteers are equally vital to our mission and equally blessed, they say, by the experience. We are so grateful to everyone who finds a home here.” View our volunteer opportunities.

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