Call to Action
Thousands of disadvantaged school children in St. Louis receive essentials because of Little Bit’s talented, caring and dedicated volunteers. Consider giving your time to make a difference in the life of a child. To learn more, email or call 314.669.0040 or complete the form below.

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Availability: (check all that apply)

Weekend Morning Afternoon Evening

Interests: (check all that apply)

School Representative (includes weekly visits to a school during the school year)

Warehouse Team (fill orders, take inventory and sort incoming items)

Shopping Team (research and purchase retail sale items)

Pick-up and Delivery Team (pick up and deliver donations)

In-Kind Donation Drives (sponsor/organize a drive for school supplies, socks/underwear, hygiene items, dental hygiene items or books)

Little Bit Special Events (Music Trivia, Big Fun, Join The Journey)

Development Committee (investigate and assist with fundraising opportunities)

Office Help (includes computer work, data entry and filing)

Where Most Needed