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Project Graduation

Little Bit has embarked on our largest initiative to date! Through Project Graduation, we are seeking to adopt each of the 13 schools in the Riverview Gardens School District. By creating a continuum of support for students from early childhood through high school, our aim is to improve their academic and development outcomes and positively impact graduation rates for the district. Email our staff at to find out how you can support this important endeavor. Or, designate a donation to Project Graduation on our Donate Now page. Endorsed by:

Who We Are

The Little Bit Foundation is an army of supporters giving, serving and advocating for impoverished children in St. Louis. Our philosophy: when you remove the barriers to learning, you give a child hope for the future and empower them to reach their dreams. Through partnerships with area schools, where we serve as the convener of programs that provide for students' essential needs, we are committed to having a positive impact on each student’s personal growth and self-esteem. We have impacted 36,000 students in St. Louis city and North County with this mission since our journey began in 2001. Read Our Story.

Going where the need is the greatest; working one-on-one with each child; delivering programs that help students stand taller, smile brighter and achieve their goals…this is what Little Bit is about. Yes, the need is great, but the passion of our staff, volunteers and friends is greater. Meet Our People.

The smiles, the laughter and the reassurance that what we are doing is helping students walk into the classroom with more confidence and ready to learn is a joy we are happy to share with each of our school partners. View Our School Partners.

What We Do

Our model is one of a kind. In every school, Little Bit serves as the convener of programs and services that support district and school performance goals and address the needs of the whole child – body, mind and spirit – so that they can focus on their education. We do this by marshaling resources and specialized providers when necessary, and working one-on-one with each child to support his or her comfort, dignity and self-esteem; health and wellness; and academic enrichment. Read More

Comfort and Dignity

Health And Wellness

Academic Enrichment


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Why Little Bit

Creating a positive impact for personal growth and increased self-esteem

Reports reveal that child poverty in the state of Missouri has risen 66% in the last decade, and in the city of St. Louis, impacts 42% of children. This means they likely come to school hungry and without a coat; they don’t have shoes that fit, have never seen a dentist or worn eyeglasses to correct a vision problem, and they have lives of constant change and crisis.

We are a partner that schools can rely on to fulfill the essential needs of students in order to improve their classroom attendance, engagement and focus. We are an expert in integrated delivery within school communities that can help other organizations expand their reach while providing services outside of our scope. And, we are a friend that will respect students’ dignity and be a consistent, caring presence in their lives.
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